Mayria aims to be an attractive place to work for the employees by offering competitive terms of employment, by promoting both a professional and social working environment in an efficient, flexible and knowledge-based organization.

Employees at Mayria are expected to live up to and act according to the values of Mayria, which are as follows:

Honesty in business toward all members of our business, suppliers, employees, partners, customers is very important, because when you choose cooperate with us, you have the right to know the truth. Honesty is a respect to human.

We are a team, we work together to fulfill our goals. The power of teamwork is tremendous.

Our staff is experienced and skilled in logistics industrial. When we recruit the new staff, we value the person's morals, not only the logistics experience. A staff's professional not only his/her knowledge in the zone, also his/her mind is professional or not.

There's various logistics company in China, how we can be your logistics partners? Excepte honest, teamwork, professional, we pay more attention to creativity.

Mayria is always looking for experienced people to join in our family, any one can contact us freely via email: